Monday, September 30, 2013

The RTW Version of Gertie's Wiggle Dress - Fall For Cotton

Hello readers,

This is my third version of Gertie's wiggle dress, that is also one of my entries for Fall For Cotton. I bought this grey and white print cotton this summer and thought it would be interesting to make something elegant out of it. I usually get ideas from fabric, putting it against my skin, playing with the drape and seeing what does it want to become. Well this one wanted to be a fitted dress, what are you gonna do.

שלום קוראים יקרים. מה שלומכם? הפוסט היום באנגלית- והוא עוסק בגרסה נוספת לשמלה של גרטי שתפרתי לאחרונה. אין לי הרבה זמן להתעסק בתפירה כשלעצמה, אבל מהגזרות של גרטי אני תמיד נהנית ולומדת משהו. הפעם רציתי להתנסות בתפירה בסגנון RTW, דוקא ללא כל העבודה הפנימית והתפרים הידניים שאני בד"כ כה אוהבת, אלא כמו שקונים ברשתות. הבד הוא כותנה מקהירי בדים, מהקיץ והוא זה שהכתיב לי מה הוא רוצה להיות. בד"כ אני מתחילה מהבד, מניחה אותו אל מול עורי, בודקת איך הוא נופל ושואלת מה הוא היה רוצה להיות. זה רצה להיות שמלה אלגנטית, אפילו שהוא "רק" כותנה תאילנדית. אני כ"כ אוהבת כותנה, שתתקמט כמה שהיא רוצה, זה שווה את זה.   
נ.ב. צילמנו במרינה ביי בסינגפור, ויצאה ממני גיבורת שושלת. רואים?


I thought fine, you'll be a dress, but I want to experiment with the sewing techniques. I bought a RTW dress (omg, right?)  earlier this summer and was pleasantly surprised with how light it was. Drapey viscose (rayon) was unlined and all finished with a serger inside. I decided I need to try that, for once. What was mostly interesting  was that the princess seams were unnotched, and the seams where not pressed open. I decided to make Gertie's wiggle dress again, because the pattern was already traced, fit checked and the construction clear. To make the seams lay flat I pressed them to one side and serged together at 1/2'. No clipping and notching needed.


The only thing I changed was a small sway back adjustment to take care of the wrinkles at the lower back, I had in the previous version. Wearing heels changes our postures and the fit of garments. 

All in all I am happy with the results. The fabric wrinkles a bit, but so does life, so I don't really care about that. Wearing cotton is so much more pleasant than polyester, that a bit of ironing from time to time is a small price to pay. If you would like to try out this pattern in cotton too, I would suggest getting something with a 5 % of Lycra added or underlining the dress to help the seams be a bit stronger. Lining won't do the difference in this case. 

I am mostly working on my own designs in my spear time, and can't keep up with the blogo-sphere on all the new patterns that enter the market. Since my sewing time is limited and needs to be focused on my particular goals, I don't review as much patterns as others. But I do have a soft spot for Gertie's patterns, since I feel I "grew up" with her blog. I am sentimental like that. So this will be my sewing challenge. I will make one pattern from her book every month, and review it- sewing-wise for the blog-world. I would love other people to join this challenge, so I made a little badge that I will share in the next post. I also opened a flickr group that will help us organize all the wonderful projects made from Gertie's books and patterns. I love her patterns since they are advanced and vintage inspired, so they always teach me something new. 

The group is named Gertie's New Book(s) For Better Sewing & Butterick Patterns since I want it to be an easy reference for all of her patterns. I am going to publish all the patterns that I made and plan to in the following week. Please join and follow along. 
Now have you guessed already where did we take these pictures? That's right, the famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, we dropped by on our last day of the visit. The magic pool is only open to the guests of the hotel (perhaps next time..:) but you can come up and enjoy the view from one of the towers. Can you tell I was trying my Dynasty act?  

The unwritten rule of fashion blogging says you have to tell where your shoes and bags come from.
So the shoes are last year's collection of Shani Bar, clutch by Svetlana Kletina.

Questions, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome :)

Good week ya all.

ביי חברים. בקרוב הרבה חדשות בעברית :)

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  1. Love the look! Your fabric choice is really pretty. New to your blog. Excited to see more of your projects!

    1. thank you Jennifer :) nice to finally e- meet you!

  2. Wow! Great pictures. I love the dress and I'm excited to see your upcoming Gertie pattern makes.

    1. thanks Cari:) if you have made any- please join and share in the group

  3. You look so elegant hun, its a beautiful dress!


תודה לכל המגיבים :) I love reading your comments!

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