הגרסה הכי ראשונה של הטקסט הזה בעברית נמצאת בפוסט הראשון שלי.

I thought it's about time I wrote something about myself and this blog. It's really difficult, man.

Ok, so, I am Milena. And this blog was born after a long, almost elephant like "pregnancy", I guess from my need to express myself, and to take actual steps on this bumpy road towards living a fully satisfying life.

My story -

I grew up in Riga, the capital of Latvia, and in my opinion one of the most beautiful European sites. I was born into a Socialist world called the Soviet union, and later witnessed a lot of those old truths fall apart. I am familiar with the criticism on that structure, but I still appreciate and miss some of the things we had and took for granted, such as great humanistic cinema and free education. My family lived in Latvia for many generations, we were very connected to this land and the people, but still we are Jewish, so when the Soviet gates opened we as many other families came to Israel, which is another country that is a part of me. 
It's very different from Latvia, for example the weather. It's hot now, and no matter how much you'll pray, no chance for a summer rain. I am in a constant battle with dust (it everywhere and you have to constantly clean it..). I often swear and complain about how hard it is to live in Israel, but I actually love it, for all it's imperfections. I believe that all humans should have a home, a haven in this world, where they'll feel that their rights will be protected. So that's that.

I started sewing as a kid, then immigration happened and all sort of things that led me to study and practice psychology. I never lost my need for the creative so I kept learning, drawing, painting, decorating and finding new fashion images. Most of my friends were involved in some kind of artistic profession, and there were also the therapists of all sorts, but for some reason I was only envious of the first group. No matter how much they starved (at first) I thought they had the most wonderful life, and me.. I don't deserve it, I will do it when I am old and retired. Weird thinking, but very typical of the mental health practitioners. (Just kidding ;)

Anyway, I was working on my master's degree thesis, that actually turned into a sort of 

a doctorate with time, which was about the immigrant experience of home. I was interviewing all these people about their first homes, attachments to the place of origin etc, and asking them questions about their feeling of home today, many years after the immigration. Later I was literally listening to the interviews and crying, thinking of my personal losses and remembering the things I used to love and left behind. And somehow I found myself sewing again. What started with a few design ideas, a burda magazine and a few fabrics from Nachalat Benyamin (our TA fashion district) evolved into an almost full time all consuming passion. I started learning EVERYTHING I could about sewing, pattern making, draping and the list goes on. I wish I would only design, but I love sewing now too. It feels like my grandmother is near me again, and I have this connection to some inner calmness, a world that is full of good and love (an internalized object, as some psychoanalysts would say.)

So I make my own clothes now and propagandize this occupation to others through this blog, and it seems that I am on my way into turning this hobby/ passion into a profession venture. 
I am not planning on leaving psychology all together, in fact some of my creative mentors are people who live in both worlds, and I hope that I will be able to integrate all my passions and interests into one life worth living. 

You are welcome to my little internet haven and now, please - tell me something about you!

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